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Legal Paternity Test
Item#: DNALP

Legal DNA Paternity Test - Includes Collection!
Results in 3-7 Business Days. Includes alleged father and child, mother is optional.
Our Legal DNA Paternity Tests are used in 70 different countries and all 50 States. They provide airtight evidence of when a child's custody or support is at stake. The proof that's absolutely necessary in a court of law.

Unlike our home paternity test, the Legal DNA Paternity Test tracks your DNA samples from the time they're collected at one of our DNA collection sites until the time they arrive in our DNA testing laboratory. That ensures they're admissible as evidence in a courtroom.

To make the DNA testing process as simple as possible, we arrange for a DNA collection appointment at any one of 3000+ DNA collection sites around the world. You'll have the DNA test results in 3-7 business days - typically a fraction of the time it takes a government agency to conduct the same DNA test. Our Paternity Testing Services are accurate, convenient and fast.

Order your DNA test now and get the airtight evidence you need.

If you need to test additional children or alleged fathers, see our Legal Paternity w/Additional Participant Test. Additional children or alleged fathers are only $150.00 each!

Child Support StatisticsOur Legal DNA Paternity Test results are admissible in most courts of law. Although we adhere to the most stringent standards for testing, some states may differ in their requirements. It is recommended that you check your State and/or Local Government regulations which may govern this service. If you are interested in personal paternity testing (using our kit for collecting specimens at home) see our At-Home DNA Paternity Test.

Brand: GeneSwab
Your Price: $390.00
Shipping: $0.00
Includes Collection - Results in 3-7 Business Days

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